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Hands and Feet

*prices are subject to change with no notice. confirm price at point of booking either via phone or through booking system.*

All hand and feet treatments are only available at Byford. We do NOT offer french nails or nail art.

Fab Mani & Pedi Package - From $126

Deluxe Mani - From $59

Soak Off and Reapply of Gel Polish - $51

Add Gel Polish to any mani or pedi - $14

Deluxe Pedi - From $71

File, Buff and Polish - $31

File, Buff and Gel Polish - $41

Only available at Armadale Spa

Sapphire Hands and feet wrap - Revitalizing programme characterized by its softening and calming effect. It tones the muscular system and helps to relax the feet. Enriched with sapphire particles with relaxing and beneficial effects, especially on the energy field. - $86 

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