About Beauty Bar

About Beauty Bar


Beauty Bar Byford is located in the heart of Byford, in the Coles Village complex. Our therapists are warm and friendly and they will make sure you feel revitalised and relaxed in our new modern salon. Using the current and successful Dr Spillers range of skin care, along with Esthemax Skin Masks, and BondiSands tanning products, We will make your stay one to remember. Treat yourself to one of our many treatments to relax the senses and mind.

About Beauty Bar Aesthetics

Beauty Bar Aesthetics is located in Prospect Road Armadale, opp the Police Station in a 100 year old Heritage listed house, with rear parking. Our therapists are all from the Byford salon and have your skin as its best interest. Using Skeyndor & Dr Spillers range of skin care we have all your skin requirements covered, along with cosmetic tattooing and injectables.

The salon also has a couples room for massages and facials with your partner or bestie.



Owner/Operations Manager

Kirsty opened Beauty Bar Byford in 2016 with only 5 weeks to fit out the salon, This family run salon caters to females and males.

Kirsty although not a Beauty Therapist  had many year's owning and running businesses and continues to learn what's new in the industry. Kirsty continues to make sure Beauty Bar Byford & Beauty Bar Aesthetics is offering the latest equipment and treatments.



Head Beauty Therapist Armadale / Skin Specialist

Kate is a full time Beauty Therapist & has over 10 years experience in the industry.


Kate Specialises in Skeyndor & Dr Spiller Facials and Advanced Facials along with IPL and brows. She takes great pride in making her client's feel very comfortable so that they have the best experience they can have at Beauty Bar Aesthetics.

Kate is available Tuesday to Saturday at Armadale.


Senior Beauty Therapist

Megan is our casual Beauty Therapist in Byford with over 3 years experience in the industry


Megan specialises in all things brows, IPL, Facials, all waxing therapies, & Massage.

Megan takes great pride in her work and will give you the best of her while your having your treatment.

Megan is available Wednesday, Friday - & every 2nd Saturday. 


Jessica M

Manager / Beauty Therapist / Cosmetic Tattooist

Jessica is our Full time Manager, Qualified Beauty Therapist and Qualified Cosmetic Tattooist operating out of Beauty Bar Aesthetics. Jess continues to study in numerous social media and business courses to always keep up with the forever changing beauty industry so we can also offer our clients the best and most advanced beauty treatments. Fun fact about Jess, she is a qualified Pastry Chef!

You will find Jess Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & every second Saturday in Armadale.



Head Beauty Therapist Byford / Brow Specialist

Courtney has been with us since she graduated college and has been a valuable asset to the business. Courtney specialises in IPL,  Facials, Brows and Massage. Courtney is known for her gentle waxing technique and gentle personality. Courtney has a Diploma in Beauty therapy, Certified in Classic Eyelash Extensions and Dr Spiller. Courtney is available Tuesday to Saturday at Byford.




Sandra also a beauty therapist continues to achieve her goals in the administration side of the business.

Sandra works Thursday nights on Reception.

Sandra continue's to learn on the job and offers a welcoming smile at the desk. She is the first to offer a refreshment and prepare you for your relaxing treatment.