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*prices are subject to change with no notice. confirm price at point of booking either via phone or through booking system.* Gift Voucher number is required at the time of the booking, Gift vouchers that no show will forfeit the voucher value.

Must be booked directly through Bel's online booking system - available HERE 

Injectable treatment price's varies and this is only a guide Bel will quote you before the treatment.

All first time time clients with Bel for Wrinkle Relaxers will require a full consultation prior to treatment.

Beauty Bar Byford gift vouchers and loyalty points are not redeemable on injectable services performed by Nurse Bel.

Wrinkle Relaxers - $5 per unit

Crow's Feet (Eyes) - $150-$300
Forehead - $100-$150
Frown - $150-$250
Eyebrow Lift - $60-$100

Lip Flip - $60-$100
Smokers lines / Gummy Smiles - $60-$100
Dao's / Chin / Bunny Lines - $60-$100
Masseters Jawline Slimming - $200-$300
Masseters Teeth Grinding - $300-$400
Top up treatments - $5 per unit.


Lip Filler - $300 per 1/2 ML

Lip Filler - $500 per 1 ML

Lip Filler Thick $550 - 1 ML

Cheek Filler - $650 per 1 ML
Cheek Filter - $1150 per 2 ML

Smokers lines from $350

Marionette Lines from $350

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