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Bel Macri is our Registered Nurse that will be coming to the salon every second week offering fillers & Wrinkle Relaxers 

Book online for any filler or wrinkle relaxer treatments.

Cosmetic Injectable Consultation - redeemable on the initial treatment

Wrinkle Relaxers 30 minutes

All of our Nurse performed Wrinkle Relaxers are performed by our Registered Nurse, Bel. All first time time clients with Bel for Wrinkle Relaxers will require a full consultation prior to treatment.

Dermal Fillers  60 minutes

At Beauty Bar Aesthetics, Bel has the full range of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. The Dermal Fillers are more variable and prices range from $290-$1500 dependent on how much is used, the results you are after and the type of dermal filler needed. To achieve your desired look a Cosmetic Injectable Consultation is required with one of our Cosmetic Nurses.


Lip Enhancement   60 Minutes