Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation 30 minutes - redeemable on the initial treatment if booked within 4 weeks of the initial consultation. Advise your therapist if you currently have brow tattoo when making your appointment.


Ombre or Powder Tattoo Consult and Treatment  3Hours -  includes consult, mapping, tattoo treatment and aftercare kit

Powder is a soft style with no sharp borders. These styles cause little trauma to the skin, are suitable for most skin types & cause minimal discomfort to the client during the treatment. 

Ombré style is designed to look very natural with a light fade effect at the centre of the brow. We can also achieve that crisp Instagram brow look which has a bolder look with a stronger tail that softens as we get to the centre of the brow with a very noticeable fade effect at the bulb. 

Cosmetic Tattooing is a two session treatment they are never complete after the first session. The perfection session is done 6 weeks post the initial treatment. We can also numb the treatment area.

Lip Blush Tattoo Consult and Treatment 3Hours -  includes consult, mapping, tattoo treatment and aftercare kit.

6 - 8 Weeks Perfection Session  

1.5hours Includes follow up consult, touch up tattoo treatment and aftercare kit.

Must be booked within 6 weeks for brows and 8 weeks for lips of initial treatment done by our cosmetic tattoo artist.

The perfection session is to complete your cosmetic tattoo. They are never complete after 1 session.

For a touch up within 12 months please contact the salon for a price.

FAQ about cosmetic tattoo treatments.

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