We are excited to annouce Beauty Bar Byford

is expanding..


As much as we LOVE Byford we were running out of room. Reaching full compacity over Christmas and wanting to expand on further more advanced treatments like Fillers, Wrinkle Relaxers and Cosmetic Tattooing we needed to come up with a plan and after 5 minutes of searching for a second location we found this beautiful century old building in the heart of Armadale.

As this is a place of peace and relaxation, please refrain from bringing children to your appointment. Children are welcome in the Byford Salon.


It has its own onsite rear parking and is ready for that full relaxation experience.


Bel Macri is our Registered Nurse that will be coming to the salon every second week offering fillers & Wrinkle Relaxers 

You can call or book online for any filler or wrinkle relaxer treatments

Wrinkle Relaxers

& Fillers

Cosmetic Injectable Consultation 30 minutes

$65 - redeemable on the initial treatment

Wrinkle Relaxers 30 minutes

All of our Nurse performed Wrinkle Relaxers are performed by our Registered Nurse, Bel. All first time time clients with Bel for Wrinkle Relaxers will require a full consultation prior to treatment.

Wrinkle Relaxers with Bel - $5 per unit

Pricing  estimates of common treatment areas:

Crow's Feet (Eyes) - $150-$300
Forehead - $100-$150
Frown - $150-$200

Dermal Fillers  60 minutes

At Beauty Bar Aesthetics, Bel has the full range of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers. The Dermal Fillers are more variable and prices range from $290-$1500 dependent on how much is used, the results you are after and the type of dermal filler needed. To achieve your desired look a Cosmetic Injectable Consultation is required with one of our Cosmetic Nurses.

Lip Enhancement   60 Minutes

Lip Enhancement From $290  

Cosmetic Tattoo Consultation 30 minutes

$65 - redeemable on the initial treatment if booked within 4 weeks of the initial consultation.


Ombre or Powder Tattoo Consult and Treatment  3Hours $549 -  includes consult, mapping, tattoo treatment and aftercare kit

Powder is a soft style with no sharp borders. These styles cause little trauma to the skin, are suitable for most skin types & cause minimal discomfort to the client during the treatment. 

Ombré style is designed to look very natural with a light fade effect at the centre of the brow. We can also achieve that crisp Instagram brow look which has a bolder look with a stronger tail that softens as we get to the centre of the brow with a very noticeable fade effect at the bulb. 

Cosmetic Tattooing is a two session treatment they are never complete after the first session. The perfection session is done 6 weeks post the initial treatment. We can also numb the treatment area.

6 Weeks Perfection Session  

1.5hours $189 - Includes follow up consult, touch up tattoo treatment and aftercare kit.

Must be booked within 6 weeks of initial treatment done by our cosmetic tattoo artist.

The perfection session is to complete your cosmetic tattoo. They are never complete after 1 session.

For a touch up within 12 months please contact the salon for a price.

Cosmetic Tattoo



Using Dr Spiller and Skin Juice Skincare we can give you a customised target treatment that is not only beneficial but relaxing as well. Each facial is customised to your main skin needs and if you are unsure what to book in at your appointment we can recommended what will be best for you. 

Hydrojelly Peel off Facial  30 minutes $69.00 ~ 45 minute $86

Enzyme Peeling Treatment  45 minutes - $96.00

Skin Reveal peel off mask 30 minutes $76 ~ 60 minutes $151

Collagen Fleece Mask 45 Minutes $121 ~ 60 minutes $141 

Power Lifting Indulgence 75 minutes $191 

Add on Extractions $25  


Lymphatic Drainage 80 minutes $166

Alex Cosmetics Natural Skin Peels

The B-Peel 45 minutes $166

The Phyto Peel 60 minutes $220

The C Peel 60 minutes $699 ~ includes 3 homecare products and 4 day post treatment exfoliation facial.

Skin Needling 60 minutes $280 ~ first time clients will need to purchase post skin needling moisturiser call 9525 0333 for more information. 

All facials come in discount packages that can be tailored to your skincare treatment plan

Advanced Facials


More Brow and Lash treatment options available in our online booking

Brow & Lash Treatments

Eye and Brow Tinting 

Eyelash tint $27 ~ Eyebrow Tint $17 ~ Eyebrow Dye $23 ~ Eyelash Dye $32

Eyelash Lift incl Tint $83 

Eyelash Lift excl Tint $66 

Eyelash Extensions start from 2hr

Classic Full set $146 ~ Hybrid Full Set $171 ~ Volume Full Set $199 ~

Mega Volume Full Set $220

Eyelash Refill Prices found on our online booking

Brow Redesign & Bronsun Dye 30 Minutes $50

includes ~ cleanse, exfoliate of brows, brow mapping, brow dye, brow wax finished with brow oil, concealer, brow pomade and highlight. 

Brow Redesign & Henna 45 Minutes $60

includes ~ cleanse, exfoliate of brows, brow mapping, brow Henna, brow wax finished with brow oil, concealer, brow pomade and highlight. 

Hydrojelly Peel off add on $30 

add a hydrojelly mask to your henna or eyelash lift apt to hydrate and plump the skin

Face Waxing

Eyebrow $20.00 ~ Eyebrow and Lip $31.00 ~ Eyebrow, Lip and Chin $45.00 ~ Side of Face $16.00 ~ Full Face Wax $55.00 ~ Chin $15.00

~ Lip $15.00 ~ Nose or Ear $14.00 ~ Neck Was $16.00
Body Waxing
Under Arm $21.00 ~ Half Arm $26.00 ~ Full Arm $35.00 ~ Back $36.00 ~ Half Leg $44.00 ~ Full Leg $59.00
Intimate Female Waxing 
Maintenance Brazilian 4 weeks $53.00 ~ Brazilian + 4 week $68.00 ~ Gstring $37.00 ~ Bikini Standard ~ $28.00
Half Leg with Gstring $72.00 ~ Half Leg with Bikini $64.00 ~ Half Leg with Brazilian $99.00 ~ Full Leg with Bikini $78.00 ~ Full Leg with Gstrin $86.00 Full Leg with Brazilian $114.00
Full Body $250.00
Includes Feet, Full legs, Brazilian, Stomach, Lower Back, Underarms, Full Arm, Full Face Wax.


More female and male body waxing options available in our online booking


Body Treatments

Relaxation Massage

Back Massage 30 Minute $55.00
Back Massage 45 Minutes $66.00
Full Body Massage 60 Minutes$90.00

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy Massage 45 Minutes $76.00
Aromatherapy Massage 60 Minutes $116.00
Aromatherapy Massage 75 Minutes $131.00

Hot Stone Massage

Back of Body Massage 60 Minute $131.00
Full Body Massage 90 Minutes $171.00

Back Facial 

Back Facial 45 Minute $99.00
Back Facial and Back Massage 60 Minutes $122.00
Full Body Exfoliation Add on to any body treatment $50

We also have a double treatment room available for couples treatments. More packages are available please contact the salon for a customised treatment or to book a package.

Blissful Relaxation - 2 hours

Relaxation Massage 

Personalised Facial

Price: from $199 - $249

Bring a Date - 2 hours

Relaxation Massage 

Personalised Facial

Price: from $359

Treat yourself - 2 hours

Collagen Eye Treatment

Brow reshape & Brow Dye

Lash Lift with Tint

Price: $180

Indulgence for two - 3 hours

Relaxation Massage 

Full Body Scrub
Personalised Facial

Brow Reshape & Brow Dye

Price: from $299

Wedding Prep - 2 hours

Relaxation Massage 

Personalised Facial

Spray Tan 

Brow Reshape & Dye

Price: from $279



*prices subject to change without notice